Vaping Myths that Stops You from Enjoying your Favorite Vape Juice

Myths play a vital role in how society takes on certain phenomena. It shapes the beliefs of a person towards the goodness or badness of something. So if a certain myth has failed to show truthfulness, it is important to debunk these myths before it spreads further and misinforms the public. And when it comes to myths, vapes and vape juices have tons of them circulating on the internet which often fuels a debate.

Although vape and other similar devices for smoking have been in the market for years, many still disapprove its circulation and use for several reasons. The primary concerns with regards to the use of vape and the vape juice have something to do with health safety since many claims that vape and other similar devices are way safer than tobacco and traditional cigarettes.

To better understand vaping and the culture that embraces it, here are some of the myths and why it was debunked.

Myth #1: Vaping can turn your healthy lungs into a popcorn lung

Popcorns are good when you watch the movies, but popcorn lung? Many viewed it as a health mayday. With vaping, where you heat the vape juice in a smoking device such as vape or e-cigarette, many believe that you might contract bronchiolitis obliterans, which is popularly known as “popcorn lung”. The main ingredient responsible for such is the chemical diacetyl that provides a buttery flavor when added in e-liquids. Yet, in some countries like the UK, the use of diacetyl on vape juice and e-cigarettes were banned. So if you’re going to buy vape juice from online vape shops such as for your vape, make sure you’ve read the labels.

Myth #2: Vape and vape juices are not regulated.

When you buy something, the first thing that you look into consumable products is whether it is regulated or not by the government and health institutions. Regulated products mean that it follows certain standards provisioned by the government and health experts before it is released to the public for consumption.

 For this matter, many claimed that vape and vape juice is not regulated so people should not buy it. Yet, vape users in the UK are enjoying the freedom to vape because the products they use are strictly regulated under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations of 2016. While in the US, the e-cigarettes and related products are regulated by the FDA as a tobacco product effective August 8, 2016.

Myth #3: Vape juice contains nicotine so it is as harmful as tobacco.

A lot of smokers mistaken vape juice to contain nicotine all the time, and that such chemical is responsible for the development of smoking-related cancer. Yet, the Public Health England (PHE) reiterated in its updated evidence review on e-cigarettes that nicotine is only responsible for why smokers are addicted to smoke. What makes smoking a hazard are the thousands of chemicals the cigarette smoke contains.

Yet, comparing the vapor from vapes to the traditional cigarette and tobacco, the aerosol coming from the vape does not contain tar or carbon monoxide, a harmful element abundant in tobacco smoke.