Find out what to expect at the 150 ceremony event.

Our orchestra impressed thousands of people over the last decades and it is now ready to impress you in order to thank you for attending this special event. The repertoire will be quite diversified, but it will follow a simple theme and genre. You will find yourself emerged into a state of deep and tranquil art, but also with slight influences that will trigger your party spirit – in a symphonic way, of course. The repertoire is quite varied.

The night will start with a few parts from Adolphe Adam, a known French composer and a reputable critic of his times. John Adams will follow closely – not just a composer, but also a creative thinker and a conductor. He has set some trends in the symphonic industry and our orchestra will attempt to push them further with a few pieces. There will be two parts from John Adams and most of our audience might be familiar with them already – The Chairman Dances and Short Ride in a Fast Machine.

Becoming a little more classical.

To many enthusiasts, the above mentioned names are contemporary and relatively new when compared to other classics in this industry. Luckily, our orchestra has prepared something for everyone. The show will begin with some modern classical influences and will drift slowly towards a more old fashioned approach. To some, this middle part of the show might be the most exciting element of the repertoire.

So, who are you about to admire and enjoy during this middle act? Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the leading names in symphonic music and could not miss from this show. There will be three different parts coming from the reputable composer and musician of the Baroque period. While coming from different times, Samuel Barber – American composer and musician – follows the same style and his art will also be featured in the show.

A mix of classical music, freestyle compositions and style.

The last part of the show might be a little unusual. Once you hear the first piece of art, you will be able to tell who it is. Ludwig van Beethoven will be the main character of the evening. You might be familiar with some of his music – Fantasia in G Minor, Choral Fantasy or Symphony No. 1. However, this part will be longer and will include not less than eight different compositions from the reputable German musician. The transition will be smooth and almost unnoticeable.

The freestyle part of this concert might be the most surprising moment of the evening. It was not supposed to be part of the repertoire, but it has been added in the last moment – meaning the show was extended by another 45 minutes. This part will represent a medley of multiple symphonies you might be familiar with – all mixed together with a smooth transition from one to another. You will be surprised!